February 1, 2009 at 4:13 am (Awakening)


A word of advise to the hesitant: there are more than 4 dimensions. 

In all practicality you are only somewhat knowledgable of 3, and vaguely aware of the fourth.

That vague awareness must stop. We all need to be very intuned to the fact that time is indeed the determining factor of what our realities will be. We have the choice between being and having what we want, or letting it pass. It is a a choice that passiveness cannot make for us.

Sitting back hoping while staring at the world on the silver platter in front of you is essentially what 99% of the world does. This is why most of them get mad when some person reaches out and grabs the world off that platter and milks it for what it’s worth.

Granted, the milking takes a little bit of viciousness, but the grabbing part is effortless. If you know what you want and it’s offered to you, not saying yes is probably worse than saying no.

Reason being when you don’t say anything, it means you meant to say yes, but couldn’t. For whatever reason, you didn’t. And now, you must sit there and watch the tray, and he who bore it vanish into the shadows in hopes that they shall return again. Not only will you be hoping, but you will be bashing yourself. If you said yes, or no, you made a decision and you can live with that a whole lot easier.

But just as that video illustrated, we only see cross-sections of the actual reality of things. If that opportunity were to be represented by a person, hand stretched out, with your dream in his palm, and time began to pass, and all you did was stare….

He would disappear. 

And looking for him would probably be one of the most futile endeavors  one can possibly conceive unless you are a time traveller.  It has nothing to do with patience or will. The world and fate want you to win, everyone, good or bad, is there to help. All you have to is receive. But then again, it is vital to remember that people have a purpose. And their purpose is not to help other people. That is an assigned role that only lasts as long as the recepient allows. All we have to do is learn when to say yes.

Denial in one sense is denial in any other. 

We all get a chance to seize everything we’ve ever wanted, at some time or another. 

It would be wise to do so before that chance passes.

Before that bearer of good deed vanishes.


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February 1, 2009 at 1:31 am (Paranoia)


I believe that, in great spite of my insurmountable skepticism, there may be some good people out there.

But I also believe that I don’t really know that many, nor do I care for the majority.

I know beyond any shadow of doubt that I’m not one of them, nor do I aspire to be one.

But in the same light, I wish them no ills or harms.

I just think that it would be in both our interests if they steered clear of me and I did the same. Ultimately pointless purpose interaction is seldom worth the stress it inevitably bears.

Besides, I’ve got shit to do.

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