Dream Deterred

January 19, 2009 at 7:34 am (Uncategorized) (, )

I had a Dream too.

The title of this blog almost dictates that I should speak on this man.

Today marks the 23rd Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in these states, united as they claim to be. For the multitude of recitations, renditions, reverberations, and regurgitations that Martin’s famous speech got, little has changed in the minds of the people. On the eve of the inauguration of the first African-American Kenyan Black President in these same states, we still experience some perversely disgusting atrocities in the name of “ignorance and racism” but under the blankets of free-speech and freedom at large.

I have countless tales to recount, and if youre interested in sharing a couple, thatkenyan@gmail.com and twitter.com/thatkenyan are all good places to contact me, however…my concern for this country, it’s people, and the world at large is the following. 

We do not practice what we preach. We never preach what we know. What we know, we never apply, so in many ways we are killing the legacies and traditions of those before us, MLK included, that should be wavelets in the pool of life by being stagnant and immobile.  

All due respect, I felt the same way about Martin. Great man that he was, he could never hold a shotgun to an assailants head and tell him to beg for mercy before turning him into nouveau-moderne art piece: brain splatters on a shag carpet medium. Martin was along the lines of Ghandi, an evolutionary more than a revolutionary. He believed we were on the path and only needed to steer ourselves correct.

In reality, as soon as missionaries landed on the banks of Africa, we had veered straight off the path and into the long blades, and soft grounds of the marsh. We have been off the path so long that we need more than a miracle, a good speech, and a Black president to rectify the ills in our souls.

Columbus Georgia was as solemn as a graveyard the day after Obama won. There are people there who still remember when a black woman getting raped was not a crime. They may have not been the masters, but they were superior. 

In their minds, they still are. In their minds a lot of blacks are still inferior

In most minds there is a giant dick of racial bias mentally fucking you into believe some stereotypical half-witted bullshit that most of us are willing to fight about.

To use the analogy of the President elect, forget a scalpel, we need chainsaws, all of us. We need to have the courage to call people out, the courage to pick a fight with those who are feeling froggy, the courage to face inward and spot our problems, and we need the strength and stamina to fight and win these battles.

Moreso than all that cliche shit, we need the minds of revolutionaries, to be able to know that we can overturn a government in a day if we speak with the same voice. We need the humility to find that voice and channel it through a speaker.

I personally do not have a dream that one day anything will happen. Partially because I don’t sleep much. Mostly because I know to a great degree of certainty that if things keep going the way they are going, we will be forced into a revolution at which point sleepers and dreamers will be devoured by the conscious and ready.

I don’t mind, I’ve got my guns under my floor boards with extra ammunition for when that day comes. 

Happy MLK Day


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