January 13, 2009 at 2:05 am (Awakening)

Stay Grounded

“A brief stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith proves nothing.”

Nietzsche told me 2 things when I was first introduced to him. First, the Z comes before the S. Secondly, the above quote.

It was a dark phase in my life so I loved the pessimism and almost complete desolution of hope in that statement that masked the otherwise motivational truth. The truth that faith must not helm our lives, but instead be the goal of our lives. I have seen even the most upright of religious figures stray from their path in moment of extreme pressure. We are not perfect. To assume that by embracing the faith of a perfect God, and a pure creed, we in turn cleanse and correct our ills is like assuming that jumping in water means you can swim. 

Basically, you’re getting ahead of yourself.

This applies for very many other things to. The one I choose to question today; love. I know of a couple, very close and dear to me, who have represented to many others the hope that love does indeed exist. This couple, today, find themselves apart. Actually, to put it practically, every 10 minutes for the past 2 hours, the distance between them has grown another 100 miles. This will go on for another 5 hours, and after a brief pause, resume for about the same length of time again.

She’s leaving. On a jet plane. 

And he doesn’t know when she’ll be back again. 

Oh dude. She hates to go.

And I hate to butcher John Denver lyrics. The point being, that sometimes reality needs to kick in early for people to be able to deal with situations accordingly. When you’re laying in that bed with that person you deem important, instead of wondering whether or not either of you loves each other, ask yourself this: “If he does something I really hate, that happens to be illegal, and he’s halfway accross the ocean, will I wait?” 

If you’re a guy, ask yourself this: “If I catch her cheating, will I forgive her?”

And then both of you ask yourselves this: “If we divorce, will I be ok with he/she keeping the children?”

Basically, cut out the frivolous bullshit. Don’t assume love is a factor. It isn’t. It’s not the fuel that keeps your lamp on, it’s the flame on the wick of the candle. Your goal in life, as far as relationships are concerned, is to figure out what that wick is made of, and where you’re going to find more wax.

More often than not, the ultimate definition of guaranteed disappointment involves a scene with your hands clasped, half-covering your face and the words “But…I love you” being uttered as though they were some magic spell that could undo circumstance.

Greater forces than those we can fathom exist. They are in control. Faith, religious and otherwise teaches us that.

Life proves it.


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